Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday December 22, 2015

Why Amazon Built A Warehouse In A Midtown Manhattan Office Tower

Why would Amazon build a warehouse inside a building like this? I'm going to skip all the fancy answers and just go with "because they can." wink

Amazon opened the Manhattan space, its first urban Prime Now warehouse, last December and built dozens more over the past year. The challenge has been to condense the company's typical 1-million-square-foot distribution centers into much smaller spaces and decide which items to offer there. Each Prime Now city has different assortments of products to cater to local tastes, with more organic food offered in San Francisco and Seahawks gear stocked in Seattle. Some of the most popular items on Prime Now so far have been Haribo gummy bears in Houston, Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Las Vegas and organic baby carrots in Portland, Oregon.