Saturday December 19, 2015

Comcast Customer Discovers Huge Mistake In Company’s Data Cap Meter

"There was a technical error associated with his account, which we have since corrected." (But we have no idea how many other people were wrongly charged, tee hee!)

Comcast told Oleg that its system had him confused with another customer, he said. "It turns out their system had my modem MAC address entered incorrectly, there was an off-by-one typo that was hard to see so they were counting data from some modem who knows where," Oleg told Ars. Before discovering that mistake, a Comcast customer service rep had told Oleg that the company's meter is "94.6 percent accurate." After the truth was revealed, Comcast restored his three courtesy months. Oleg says he would switch broadband providers but Comcast is the only viable option where he lives.