Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday December 16, 2015

The Ford GT Has A Gorilla Glass Hybrid Windshield

Ford and Corning announced today that the companies have teamed up to on a Gorilla Glass Hybrid windshield for the 2016 Ford GT. The rear engine cover will be made of the same material as well as the panel between passenger compartment and engine bay.

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What started as a lightweight concept technology is about to become reality for Ford GT customers when the all-new supercar debuts the Corningآ® Gorillaآ® Glassآ© hybrid windshield آ– a tough, durable, scratch-resistant window that is about 30 percent lighter than traditional glass. Developed by Ford and Corning, Gorilla Glass hybrid window will be used on both the windshield and rear engine cover of Ford GT, contributing to enhanced vehicle handling, improved fuel efficiency and reduced risk of glass damage.