Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday December 14, 2015

Text Me? Ping Me? Communications Overload In The Digital Age

I know most of you use a variety of messaging apps but are any of you as bad as this guy? Don't be shy, you are among friends here, it's okay to share. wink

In all, on my phone right now, I have at least a dozen apps that allow me to get in touch with people. There’s standard text messaging; video messaging apps like Snapchat and FaceTime; work-related channels (Outlook, LinkedIn); dating apps (Tinder, OKCupid); and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) آ— and that’s before you get into the niche and even absurd, like GroupMe (messaging for groups) and Venmo (which is for paying people, but requires you to add a message with your payment). And, of course, there are dozens (hundreds!) more that I don’t use at all.