Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday December 08, 2015

Corsair Unveils Its First Inverted-ATX Cases

Corsairآ®, a world leader in enthusiast PC hardware and components, today announced the release of the new Corsair Carbide 600Q and Carbide 600C high-performance PC cases. With iconic minimalist styling, a wealth of sound-deadening features (600Q), a huge clear side-panel window (600C) and distinctive inverted-ATX interior design, the 600Q and 600C continue the Corsair tradition of innovation and excellence in modern PC case design to deliver a no-compromise approach to PC cooling. Unlike many PC cases which demand enthusiasts choose between noisy, high-airflow ventilation or low-noise, restricted airflow designs, the 600Q and 600C are able to deliver the best of both.

The distinctive inverted-ATX internal design places the heat producing components in the direct airflow pathway of the two AF140L 140mm intake fans and single AF140L 140mm exhaust fan, providing powerful and efficient cooling, with extra wide vents ensuring unimpeded airflow. Specially tuned for low-noise operation, the 600Q and 600C’s three included fans have been redesigned for excellent airflow at lower noise levels, with an integrated external 3-speed fan controller allowing users to reduce the fan RPM, further lowering noise with a minimal impact on cooling performance. The result is a no-compromise approach to cooling that delivers fantastic system temperatures at extremely low noise levels.