Friday December 04, 2015

WD: Daily Sacrifice Of "Priceless" Selfies Is A #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM

A recent consumer study commissioned by Western Digital Corp. ( and conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne found that having to choose which photo or video to delete to free up storage space, and then regretting doing so, is a bona fide #firstworldproblem. The study, from a survey of 5,000 consumers across the UK, France, Germany and the United States, analyzes how people create, consume, share and store digital content. Key findings include:

  • Over 76 percent of respondents aged 16 to 24 delete content to make spaceآ…and then regret it

  • The era of digital media has arrived, and the end of the CD is near

  • Streaming of feature films or TV shows is not taking over from digital ownership today

  • One in four say their digital content is 'priceless', while the rest place the average value at approximately $5,500 USD