Thursday December 03, 2015

Steam Client Beta Update

All the info you need on the latest Steam Client beta update has been posted on the Steam Community forums. In addition to addressing login failures and problems with the Beginner's Guide crashing on startup, Valve has fixed a list of issues with the Steam Controller:


Improved error messages for some unusual login failure cases


Fixed The Beginner's Guide crashing on startup

Steam Controller

Added Horizontal and Vertical modes to Scroll Wheel

Added momentum to Scroll Wheel

Fixed loading legacy community configurations for games that have native support for the controller

Added support for calibrating the IMU and Analog Stick through the support tool (local connection only, not streaming)

Added Gyro Lean Point setting, changes the threshold where lean bindings will be triggered

Added media keys - Play/Pause, Stop, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Next Track, Previous Track are now available as keyboard bindings

Added Windows/Super Key bindings

Fixed Anti-deadzone behavior - fixed a bug with axial popping with anti-deadzone

In-Home Streaming

Fixed some cases where NVENC encoder would disable itself until Steam was restarted