Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday December 03, 2015

SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02 Mini-ITX Case Review

Benchmark Reviews has posted a review of the SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02 mini-ITX case this morning. Those of you interested in a slim SFF case that accepts full size graphics cards will want to read this review.

The RAVEN line, SilverStone’s iconic and innovative line of gaming PC chassis, has become a staple in the gaming community for many years. Featuring unique designs, clean lines, and tough aluminum construction. RAVEN designers are expanding their approach to gaming in the SFF (Small Form Factor) market with the new RVZ02B-W. The -W stands for Window, as the regular RVZ02B only has black filters in place of clear vented windows. The RVZ02B-W is a Mini-ITX case that features a super slim design, and the ability to utilize full sized graphics cards.