Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday November 26, 2015

More Thefts Happen on Black Friday Than on Any Other Day

Just a heads up for those of you planning on doing a little Black Friday shopping this year. It would seem that thieves work overtime stealing stuff on that day. eek!

Clothing and apparel, he said, are 40% more likely to be stolen on Black Friday when compared to any other Friday. Toys are three times more likely to be taken on Black Friday in comparison to the average Friday. When Travelers took a closer look inside this category, they found video games thefts are 42% higher on Black Friday when compared to the average Friday. Curiously, theft claims related to electronic items آ– often the product category that is most splurged upon by Black Friday shoppers آ– do not significantly differ on Black Friday when put side-by-side with other days.