Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday November 17, 2015

Intel Architects High Performance Computing System Designs to Bring Power of Supercomputing Mainstream

Intel Corporation today announced several advancements to its Intelآ® Scalable System Framework (Intelآ® SSF) that promise to bring high performance computing (HPC) capabilities and benefits to more industries and new workloads. As a foundational element of the Intel SSF, Intel introduced the Intelآ® Omni-Path Architecture (Intelآ® OPA), a new HPC-optimized fabric technology that makes the performance of HPC clusters more accessible to a broader variety of users.

Once reserved only for governments and academia to solve the most complex computational problems, like genome sequencing and climate research, HPC is transforming more industries with new workloads such as big data analytics. More and more, traditional sectors, like healthcare and financial services, are demanding supercomputer-like capabilities to gain real-time insights from increasingly large and complex data sets. As Intel innovations expand HPC capabilities and lower the barriers to adoption, it predicts HPC will become mainstream.