Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday November 06, 2015

ASUS Maximus VIII Gene

Tired of your old motherboard? Ready to throw it out the window? Overclockers Club says the ASUS Maximus VIII Gene might be the solution to your problems.

First, the performance delivered by the Maximus VIII Gene is going to fall in the same small envelope when running at stock speeds. That's a given in this day and age when motherboards are so well built and tuned from the factory. It's where you go from there that really makes a board such as this from ASUS' ROG product stack a worthwhile investment. If you do not plan to at least use ASUS AI Suite III or EZ Tune utility for some free CPU horsepower, you can still enjoy the rest of the features that make this board a great choice for a gaming centric build.