Wednesday November 04, 2015

How Quadro Put "The Martian" on the Red Planet

No one’s been to Mars yet. But thanks to GPUs, scenes of astronaut Mark Watney آ— played by Matt Damon in the film "The Martian" آ— on Mars feel like a documentary. The movie shows Watney living through a ferocious storm; scraping together a plan to survive, alone, on his base آ— known as "The Hab;" grunting across the red planet’s surface; and, finally, launching into space. To meld the film’s story and visual effects together, Moving Picture Company, one of the world’s largest visual effects studios, relied on our NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. The result: a movie that has wowed critics آ— and pulled in huge audiences آ— with visual effects that drive a classic story about one man’s struggle to get home.