Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday October 29, 2015

Old Arkham Knight Reviews Flagged as "Pre-Release"

What do you guys think of this? We all know the game was pulled from store shelves after being officially released months ago, so it seems like a bit of revisionist history on the part of Warner Bros. to go back and flag reviews as "pre-release" instead of "pre-patch."

User reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam from before today's re-release of the action/adventure are now flagged as "pre-release" reviews, in spite of being submitted for the officially released version of the game, which was quickly pulled from sale. Arkham Knight also now lists today as its release date, but it does not seem these older reviews have been removed from the game's aggregate score, as it currently reads: "User reviews: Mixed (17,741 reviews)."