Thursday October 29, 2015

Building Budget Bots With NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Developer Kit

Two students, separated by different cultures and thousands of miles, share a common language. They speak robot. Doctoral candidate Raffaello Bonghi splits his time between Italy and France. Ryan Beethe is an undergrad in Colorado. They’re at the leading edge of bot builds. We call them "Jetson Champs" because, like seven other Champs, they’ve placed the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Developer Kit at the heart of their designs. Bonghi and Beethe’s specialty? Budget bots. While they may lack the resources and funds of a corporate R&D department, they make up for it with ingenious workarounds to engineering problems, pioneering mechanical design and highly mobile compact robots. Key to their work is the Jetson TK1, a super-powered processor integrated into a compact, mobile design. It’s powerful enough to drive demanding applications, like computer vision and navigation. But it comes budget priced, at $192.