Monday October 05, 2015

PayPal Experiencing An Outage?

A number of our forum members noticed a strange PayPal outage starting yesterday that seems to be affecting a number of people. Apparently if you try to send money using PayPal, your account is charged but the reciever does not recieve funds and there is no transaction history or notification email of paid funds. While some people are not affected, sites like isitdownrightnow are filled with complaints. Thanks to Calavaro for the heads up.

I just spoke to PayPal and they have a WORLD WIDE outage right now. No transaction records are showing up for sent funds or received funds. If you send money using PayPal funds, your balance is reduced, but no transaction history is recorded nor are you receiving any notification email of paid funds. Same for receiving funds. No notification of received funds, and no increase in your PayPal balance. They said it will be solved in the next day or 2. So we all would have to wait for a day or 2 until PayPal fixes their issues and all transaction records are updated.