Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday September 27, 2015

1.7M Twitch Broadcasters Have Livestreamed 7.5B Minutes Of Gaming Content

I still don’t see the appeal of watching someone play a game for extended periods, but these stats prove that there is a lot of interest for that sort of thing.

The average Twitch viewer tunes in for more than 1.5 hours each day آ— Twitch chief executive officer Emmett Shear pointed out that that is three times longer than the biggest Metal Gear Solid cutscene. Of the 1.7 million broadcasters, however, Twitch notes that more than 12,000 are members of its partner program. These are people who can make money by livestreaming games on the site by sharing in the advertising revenue. That’s up from 10,000 just a few months ago.