Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday September 20, 2015

The Ad Blocking Controversy, Explained

While Apple didn’t invent ad blocking, it almost seems that way based on all of the thought pieces that have sprung up in the wake of iOS 9 and its support for content blockers. Here’s an article that provides a little insight into how ad blocking has affected media industries and their circumvention with things like native ads.

It's a discussion that's been running for a long time, but has kicked into overdrive because of Apple's release of a new operating system for iPhones and the launch of new services like Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. And it's something you'll be hearing more and more about if you read things online, because it touches on something very near and dear to every online writer's heart آ— whether we can make money publishing on the internet, and the sneaking suspicion that the reasonably journalist-friendly economic climate of the past two or three years may be a mirage.