Saturday September 12, 2015

Gaming PCs Are Like Sports Cars, The First Thing You Do Is Show Them Off

That’s according to Lenovoآ—and any other company that has a gaming line, I assume, based on all the fancy lights that gaming peripherals typically have. Lenovo’s lineup seems pretty modest in the aesthetics department, though, which I like. But do you actually prefer a lot of bling on your gaming mice and keyboards?

We observed gamers and found that they like to show off their systems to their friends, so we said hey, why don't we come up with a transparent solution. We even painted the clean-cable routing inside. It's like showing somebody a car. When you buy a sports car the first thing you do is open up the hood and show somebody the engine inside. The inside is important, but the outside is just as important. Sure we care about stuff like frames per second and low lag time, but you need a PC's design to look and feel attractive.