Thursday September 10, 2015

Intel Announces The Smart Way To Create Code

Intel today announced Intelآ® System Studio 2016, a major revision that delivers a comprehensive suite of advanced tools to help system and embedded developers deliver more energy-efficient, higher-performing, and smarter solutions for connected devices across a wide range of system and embedded platforms, from PCs and tablets to automobiles, medical devices, and the growing Internet of Things. New features include optimized compilers and libraries for up to 4X performance improvements; improved energy efficiency profiling; and advanced debug, trace, and analysis to strengthen system reliability. Intel System Studio 2016 also supports the latest platforms and operating systems including Intelآ® Atomآ™ x3, x5, and x7 processors, the 6th Generation Intelآ® Coreآ™ processor, and Intelآ® Quarkآ™ SoC X1000. It also adds support for Microsoft Windows 10* and FreeBSD* to previously supported Linux*, Android*, and Wind River VxWorks*.