Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday September 06, 2015

Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

The driverless car revolution is supposedly coming, and with it comes the possibility that people will never have to learn to drive againآ—which some think is cool. What’s the fun in that, I say. And how will you get around in the future when rampant AIs take over and every self-driving car is out to kill you?

You can debate the realism of putting fully autonomous cars in actual customers' hands by 2020 آ— that seems optimistic, considering the regulatory hurdles and technological challenges that remain آ— but there's another issue at hand: what about this parent's hope that his child never has to drive? The notion sparked a heated debate in the Verge newsroom. Is it reasonable? Is it realistic? Is it fair to the child?