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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday September 04, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch

An interim patch has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight. SLI and Crossfire support is still MIA and the Windows 7 memory issue isn't fixed either.

Good news - testing for the interim patch has been completed and it is now available for those who already have Batman: Arkham Knight for PC. As a reminder, below are some of the major fixes and improvements that will be addressed with this patch:

  • Reduced frame rate hitches

  • Optimizations for system memory and VRAM usage

  • Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)

  • More Comprehensive In-Game Settings

  • Fixed low resolution texture bugs

  • Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

In addition to the above, we’re continuing to work on the following for future updates:

  • Adding support for SLI and Crossfire

  • Adding support for the latest DLC & Season Pass content

  • Adding support for additional updates such as Photo Mode

  • Continued improvements and bug fixing for a Windows 7 specific memory issue that occurs on configurations with 8GB of system RAM and some NVIDIA GPUs during extended game play

  • Continued improvements for Windows 10 specific issues on systems with some AMD GPUs