Sunday August 23, 2015

The Trekker Goes Where Google Street View Cars Can’t

Can you tolerate 40 pounds on your back for hours on end as you hike across photogenic vistas such as the Grand Canyon? Then you too can be a "Trekker," which is the same name given to the device that Google uses to photograph areas that are only practical to survey by foot. The 360-degree camera incorporates 15 lenses, is waterproof, and even comes with space for batteries, drinking water, and a walkie-talkie.

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The Trekker takes the equipment found on top of a Street View van and shrinks it down so that it can be worn. This enables Google to take photos not just of cities, but of any terrain that can only be traveled by foot آ— provided the person doing the traveling is able to withstand the backpack's 40-pound weight.