Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday August 22, 2015

Sony Thinks You’re Dumb Enough To Pay $1145 For A Metal Gear Walkman

Are you a Big Boss fan with disposable income? Well, this high-quality DAP is perfect for you. While I’m not disputing the sound quality of the device, I think you could save a lot of money by just getting a DAC and a nice pair of headphones for your smartphone or tablet.

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The Wallkman ZX series NW-ZX2 (pictured above) has 128 GB of storage includes a booklet, an Outer Heaven leather case, ten high resolution audio files (including four vocal tracks آ– Quiet’s Theme, Heavens Divide, Sins of the Father, and Snake Eater), the "!" sound effect, and four wallpapers for 140,000 yen.