Saturday August 22, 2015

Intel To Support FreeSync With Future GPUs

It seems that Intel is throwing their support behind AMD’s solution for eliminating tearing and stutter. This is kind of a big deal due to Intel’s clout and integrated graphics that continue to grow in capability. As we all know, the alternative is Nvidia’s G-Sync, which isn’t really ideal due to its proprietary nature.

Dwindling shipments of low-end discrete GPUs in mobile and desktop have given the CPU titan an ever-larger share of the GPU market, which means that any standard Intel chooses to back has a much greater chance of becoming a de facto standard across the market. This doesn’t prevent Nvidia from continuing to market G-Sync as its own solution, but if Adaptive-Sync starts to ship standard on monitors, it won’t be a choice just between AMD and Nvidia آ— it’ll be AMD and Intel backing a standard that consumers can expect as default on most displays, while Nvidia backs a proprietary solution that only functions with its own hardware.