Saturday August 22, 2015

Exploring The Hacker Tools Of Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a new show that revolves around a cyber-security engineer who moonlights as a vigilante hacker. I haven’t seen it yet because I’m more of a binge watcher, but apparently it’s been very well received, being one of the few shows that actually depicts hacking in a somewhat believable way. Check out some of the software tools that have been used in the show.

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The debut season of Mr Robot has received a nod from the security focused twitters for its attempts at trying to keep things for the most part realistic. In the episodes so far we have seen hacker types communicating using IRC, there are Linux boxes as far as the eye can see and the main character wears a hoodie. Of course it is a television show that has to be entertaining so we have to give them some slack in getting a bit creative. So far they seem to be doing a pretty good job at maintaining a balance between the story and what is technically possible.