Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday August 14, 2015

This Year’s IDF: Developed By You

Intel’s annual Developer Forum is next week, and I’m excited about what Intel has in store for you. This year’s forum is really about you, the growing ecosystem of developers, entrepreneurs, makers, gamers and innovators who are redefining computing technology. I can’t imagine a better place to bring the latest technology trends than our annual gathering in San Francisco. As an IDF veteran, I speak from experience.

For nearly two decades, Intel has invited the most enterprising developers in technology to get a first glimpse of the innovations that power what Moore’s Law delivers next. As my colleagues and I prepared for this year’s program, we quickly agreed that there has never been a richer, more far-reaching and diverse set of opportunities for developers.

It is easy to understand why. Not only are we seeing the world of PCs, devices and servers evolve, we are witnessing the boundaries of computing itself expand. So to us it was natural that IDF 2015 should embrace everything from wearable technology and 3-D vision integrated into the next generation of robotics to IoT systems that are intelligent, invisible and invincibly secure.