Friday August 14, 2015

GameWorks VR Beta SDK Helps Developers

Virtual reality is now more than just sci-fi. VR is the next big thing in gaming and entertainment. And as part of our work to advance the state-of-the-art in gaming, we’re releasing today the beta version of our GameWorks VR software development kit. GameWorks VR gives game and headset developers better performance, lower latency and plug-and-play compatibility for VR games and applications through a set of application programming interfaces, libraries and features.

Since the alpha release of our GameWorks VR SDK in May, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from developers آ— and incorporated much of it in this beta release. While the alpha release was limited to select developer partners, the beta release opens up key parts of the SDK to game developers across the globe. Furthermore, GameWorks VR is now supported in our publicly released 350.60 Game Ready drivers. So, gamers with the latest drivers will now be able to get the benefits of GameWorks VR with supporting applications and headsets.