Friday August 14, 2015

Deepcool Assassin II Review

The fellas at Overclockers Club say that, if you are looking for a cooling solution that is a head and shoulders above stock cooling, the Deepcool Assassin II could be the cooler for you.

The load temperatures for stock and overclock were excellent. That monster base and eight heat pipes give the Assassin II the ability to keep the heat down, and the spread between stock and overclocked load performance was a rather narrow four degrees Celsius. The overclocked load temp of 74 آ°C is well within the range of liquid cooling and in fact the Assassin II performed better than two of the liquid coolers I have tested. It is also quiet under a load. The fans spool up, but the sound is not annoying or excessive. Deepcool definitely has the right combination with the Assassin II."