Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday August 10, 2015

FSP Launches 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply BERSERKER 500W

FSP, the leading manufacturer of power supply units, launches BERSERKER series which brings yet another quality and reliable option to new users of power supply units. The 500W series is designed to provide sufficient power to fit the needs of tasks from general clerical work to DIY computer gaming. With four sets of SATA plugs, the series offers users unlimited hard drive expansion. Its interfacesupporting PCIآ­E graphic card and ensures users will never experience the nightmare of lagging on the screen ever again. The 80آ­PLUS Bronze certified BERSERKER series yields over 85% conversion efficiency, with stable and high performance specifications at an affordable price. FSP BERSERKER is absolutely the perfect choice for your DIY computer!

The BERSERKER 500W is on dualآ­12V lines which maintains an independent power output. It complies with ATX 12V V2.4 standards and supports Intel, the latest quadآ­core processor from AMD, as well as highآ­end dual graphics cards in NVIDIA and ATI. The BERSERKER design meets safety standards with full protection mechanisms of OCP, OVP, SCP and UVP, delivering stable and reliable power to its users. With builtآ­in Active Power Factor Correction, the series affords low power consuming voltage stability to PC system. Power consumption in standby mode is less than 1W, which saves a significant amount of energy.

The unique design of the smart 12cm fan renders an extremely quiet operation, minimizing noise level to lower than 19dBA, along with an optimum cooling efficiency. The BERSERKER series provides 500W and comes with a 3آ­year warranty. With functional specifications and the highest costperformance ratio, the series offers more budget and energyآ­saving solutions to the environmentally conscious you. BERSERKER, a power supply that you do not want to miss!