Monday August 10, 2015

The First Intel Xeon Processors Coming To Notebook PCs This Fall

Content editors, designers and engineers take note - Intel is bringing the power of Intelآ® Xeonآ® processors to notebook PCs in a perfect balance between power and mobility. Designed from the ground up for mobile workstations, the Intelآ® Xeonآ® processor E3-1500M v5 product family, based on architecture code-named Skylake, brings high precision computing horsepower to a notebook and supports key features like error-correcting code memory for enhanced reliability while running critical workstation applications. The new products will be available with certified drivers for key engineering applications and support the unique hardware-assisted security, manageability and productivity capabilities of Intelآ® vProآ™ technology. Mobile workstations featuring Intel Xeon processors as well as Thunderbolt آ™ 3 technology will be available this fall. More information on the Intelآ® Xeonآ® processor E3-1500M v5 product family will be available soon. Content creators, designers and engineers get ready for more power and mobility.