Wednesday July 22, 2015

Thirteen Months of Working, Eating, and Sleeping at the Googleplex

This article makes it seem like the only way to succeed is by living under your desk or be the creepy dude parked in a van in the employee parking lot. eek!

Or there’s the time in 2005, when Weaver, then a 27-year-old "site ecologist" at Google, decided on a friend’s dare to do away with his 90-minute commute by living out of an RV in the Google parking lot. Other Googlers had been known to sleep on-site for a few days or weeks. To win the dare, Weaver had to last a full year. He did, and his record stood for about five years. Then Ben Discoe, another programmer, arrived at Google knowing nothing of Weaver’s feat. "An RV?" Discoe says when asked about it recently. "That’s cheating."