Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday June 20, 2015

Google Warned to Expect Large Fine from EU

In a follow up to yesterday's news about Google's antitrust woes with the EU, Google was warned by an EU regulator that the European Commission "intends to set the fine at a level which will be sufficient to ensure deterrence." Microsoft has paid over US$2Billion in several antitrust-related fines since 2004, including a record $1.2B in 2009. Will that be the over/under for Google's fine?

The EU’s patience with Google ran out after three settlement bids failed to satisfy critics, who said the owner of the world’s most-used search engine was wielding its power over search results to unfairly promote its own services and paid ads. The EU has been probing allegations since 2010 that Google’s search page isn’t fair when people seek services online.