Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday June 07, 2015

Thermaltake Responds To Allegations It Copied The Competition

It looks as though Thermaltake has responded to the claims that the company has been ripping off product designs from its competition. Tt's Shannon Robb had this to say:

Hi Guys, sorry I didn't respond to this sooner but in TW it is just now like 7AMآ…

First off anyone who has seen these cases, they are in no way as far as fitment and functionality a copy of anything. The scalability and modularity are simply awesome.

As far as exterior appearance, we chose a design that ideally fit everything we wanted to accomplish with the design and similar with the panel grille designs. Its only partially about appearance and more about what will provide best airflow without sacrificing panel integrity and rigidity.

Lastly, do remember that as a chassis manufacturer we all make cases and if you remember we all used to have beige boxes, its not about copying anything its about what makes the best fit for the design you are trying to accomplish.

We are pushing the limits on many things as far as performance and feature sets and im glad you think our chassis is so awesome, because if you really like it that much you will like the price even better!

stay tuned to see more cool stuff from computex.