Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Using GPUs To Get An Interactive, 3D View Inside the Human Body

Virtual reality technology has made a big splash in gaming. But VR is serious business, as well. As serious as brain surgery. Anytime you open up the body, there are risks involved. So, wouldn’t it be great to give surgeons a clear look inside a patient’s torso or skull before they make the first incision? EchoPixel 3D colon With EchoPixel imaging technology, that vision is becoming reality.

Using stereo glasses, a stylus and a zSpace monitor, physicians can see and manipulate imagery obtained from CT, MR or ultrasound scans. It’s as if the objects were on a table in front of them. Measure the diameter of an artery. Check for cysts in an organ. See exactly where tissue and a tumor intersect. Grab, spin and zoom in on the imagery in real time. You can even identify and separate an object from the rest of the image آ— to get a distinct 3D view of a tumor, for example. With the True 3D Viewer, medical professionals can expand their diagnostic and surgical planning. So patients get better, more reliable results. Getting EchoPixel’s incredible results require some serious computing power. That’s where the Quadro K4200 graphics card comes in. We designed this card for professional use, with all the reliability, optimization and performance that entails.