Wednesday March 11, 2015

How Businesses Can Eliminate Separate Tiers Of IT Access With Virtualized Graphics

Call it the velvet rope of enterprise graphics. On one side are the engineers, designers and others who require high-performance graphics. They generally use powerful workstations sporting the latest video cards. On the other side of the rope are the vast majority of usersآ—knowledge workers, task workers and othersآ—who receive standard PC configurations. Two tiers. Two deployment strategies. Two IT management approaches. Enterprises can cut the rope by deploying shared GPU solutions in a virtual desktop infrastructure environment. They can make graphics-rich applications available to a broad spectrum of users. They can make their deployments easier to manage. And they can better preserve the security of their data. All it takes is adopting NVIDIA GRID-powered virtualization. GPU sharing lets companies serve different tiers of workers with a flexibility that wasn’t possible with earlier virtualization offerings.