Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday March 06, 2015

NVIDIA TITAN X Drives VR Demos Across GDC Show Floor

Every show needs a star. And the Game Developers Conference’s star is virtual reality. And just as every star has a "man behind the curtain" helping to make the magic happen, that supporting role here is being played by NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX processors. Our GPUs are on stage this week behind a whole troupe of VR power players, including:

  • Crytek with Back to Dinosaur Island

  • Epic Games and WETA Digital with Thief in the Shadows

  • Epic Games with Showdown

  • Oculus with Return to Dinosaur Island, Thief in the Shadows, Showdown

  • Unity with Unity 5

  • Valve with Portal, Job Simulator, TheBluVR and the Gallery demos

The preparation for VR’s GDC coming out party started months ago when NVIDIA began working with partners on their next-gen VR demos. To create content that’s richer than the current state of the art in VR, they needed something faster than the world’s fastest GPU, the NVIDIA GTX 980. They needed a TITAN.