Wednesday February 18, 2015

Intel's Annual IT Report Spotlights Business ROI Of Analytics

Intel IT has published its annual performance report in the Intel IT Business Review, which spotlights Intel IT’s progress in driving improved productivity, efficiency, time to market and profitability. Notably, the report explains how in 2014 Intel used business intelligence and analytic tools to increase revenue by $350 million. A sales and marketing analytics engine delivered roughly 75 million in new revenue, while a pilot to reduce product test time netted more than 13 million. The biggest boost, over $250 million, came from integrating multiple data sources into a decision support system to maximize revenue by optimizing supply and demand. "What it really comes down to for any company is framing that business problem so that you answer the right questions and then marry previously unused or new data to solve that problem," commented Intel CIO Kim Stevenson in a related podcast.