Monday November 17, 2014

NVIDIA Wins $18M DOE Grant for Exascale Computing Research

Developing exascale computing capabilities is the key to next-generation scientific research, national security and ensuring economic competitiveness. That’s why I’m thrilled that NVIDIA has received an $18 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, under its "FastFoward 2" program, to accelerate the development of next-generation supercomputers. With our expertise in high performance computing, we’ll build on our work in the original FastForward program, bringing a strong focus on energy efficiency, programmability and resilience. NVIDIA has a long record of winning research awards that reflect our pioneering work. These awards ensure that we can help address some of the world’s greatest scientific challenges through the development of powerful computing systems. The latest award, part of $100 million in funding given to a handful of technology companies, is tied to the DOE’s plan for driving innovative research and development essential to delivering next-generation capabilities that are affordable and energy efficient.