Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday November 08, 2014

Hey Buddy, Can I Borrow Some Bars From Your Phone?

While the concept of mesh networking is not new, an implementation being tested now in the US definitely will be generating buzz since it will be using mobile networks and your phone. While this tech can boost download speeds by 50% or more, the FUD factor here in America will probably be pretty intense. Would you be willing to share your data signal and battery power to foster faster overall data network speeds?

A common scenario in which the technology could help would be a person at the back of a coffee shop, says Hampton. His or her phone could improve its data downloads by linking to the device of someone near the window, with a better signal from the nearest cell tower. Inside a building, devices can link up over distances of around 30 to 50 feet; outside that jumps to as much as 180 feet, says Hampton.