Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday November 08, 2014

Broke Formula One Team Turns to Crowdfunding for Capital

A bankrupt F1 racing team has turned to crowdfunding to generate the bucks needed to finish out this season. I wonder if NASCAR could do the same thing to pay for an octagon to allow drivers to take on Brad Keselowski so they don't need to do it on Pit Row or in the garage. big grin

The Crowdcube campaign could double as a rally the troops moment, giving Caterham’s fans a chance to play a role in a sport where the economics are far beyond most millionaires. It’s also the chance for fans to grab some rare goodies. Rewards for investors include standard F1 swagآ—baseball caps, t-shirts, polo shirtsآ—but also pit team overalls, boots, and gloves.