Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday October 27, 2014

Twitch Bans Sexually Suggestive Clothing

Alright you guys, no more sexy tops, pasties, or bare chests while you are streaming. I guess this is going to put a cramp on all the cleavage being shown on certain Twitch channels. eek!

Nerds are sexy, and you're all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let's try and keep this about the games, shall we? Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing - including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments - is prohibited, as well as any full nude torsos*, which applies to both male and female broadcasters. * If it's unbearably hot where you are, and you happen to have your shirt off (guys) or a bikini top (grills), then just crop the webcam to your face. Problem solved.