Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday October 09, 2014

Elon Musk: AI Could Delete Humans Along With Spam

I know this sounds like the plot for a bad movie but what if Musk is right? Think about it, Skynet's solution to getting rid of spam would be to kills us all. wink

"I don't think anyone realizes how quickly artificial intelligence is advancing. Particularly if [the machine is] involved in recursive self-improvement . . . and its utility function is something that's detrimental to humanity, then it will have a very bad effect," Musk told Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Apsen Institute. "If its [function] is just something like getting rid of e-mail spam and it determines the best way of getting rid of spam is getting rid of humans . . . " Musk trailed off to chuckles from the crowd.