Monday October 06, 2014

How NVIDIA Quadro Powered Gone Girl’s Pioneering 6K Video

To bring to life this complex tale of a marriage gone terribly wrong, Fincher built an innovative production pipeline powered by NVIDIA’s next-gen Quadro GPUs. Gone Girl is the first movie shot entirely in 6K آ– giving it the most advanced technical workflow of any feature to date. It’s also the first fully edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which extended the filmmakers’ flexibility throughout the post-production process. The filmmakers used NVIDIA’s Quadro K5200 GPUs for all stages of production. This enabled fast conversion between formats آ– from 6K acquisition to 2.5K for the creative edit آ– for a streamlined review process for Gone Girl’s shoot, editorial and visual effects (VFX) teams on custom-designed HP Z820 workstations.