Tuesday September 30, 2014

First ARM Cortex- A57-Based Hadoop Demonstration Achieved On AMD Opteron A-Series Platform

AMD today will make the first public demonstration of Apacheآ™ Hadoopآ® running on an ARMآ® Cortexآ®-A57-based AMD Opteronآ™ A-Series processor. In a technical session at the JavaOneآ™ conference to be delivered this afternoon by AMD corporate fellow Leendert van Doorn, the company will show how the expanding AMD Opteron A-Series server software ecosystem now includes Hadoop, the Java-based framework for storage and large-scale data processing. In addition, Henrik Stahl, vice president, Java product management and Internet of Things at Oracle, will join van Doorn on stage to discuss Oracle’s support for AMD’s 64-bit ARM server architecture.