Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday September 20, 2014

Your Daily Dose Of #GamersGate From Both Sides

Continuing the trend of gaming sites trashing their readers, this editorial wants you to know "you're just plain wrong" if you don't agree with the author's opinion. The flip side of the coin tries to explain what is driving all this hate towards gamers in the first place.

Alexander is editor-at-large for Gamasutra. She also writes for VICE, Edge, Kotaku, Polygon, Boing Boing and regularly contributes to many other publications. In other words, she’s a relatively big deal. Over the past five years or so, she has spearheaded a wave of journalists who have tried to refocus games journalism. Followers of the scandal now known as #GamerGate will note that Alexander has had her professional ethics called into question. This is liable to happen if you run a public relations consulting firm and sell your services to the same people you write about as a journalist. (Yes, you read that right.)