Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday September 16, 2014

Micron SSD Advances the Portable Computing Experience

Micron Technology, Inc., today announced a next-generation, client-class solid state drive (SSD) that sets a new bar for low-power, high-performance storage for personal computers. The M600 SATA SSDآ—specifically designed to take advantage of Micron's leading-edge NAND Flash technologyآ—addresses the storage demands of modern mobile computing applications, including Ultrabookآ™ platforms and tablets, as well as performance-oriented PC desktops and video capture systems.

To help meet consumers' ever-increasing expectations for longer battery life, the M600 offers class-leading SSD power efficiency. It draws less than 2 milliwatts (mW)i in sleep mode and averages 150mW during active use. Typical laptop hard drives require exponentially more power when idle (130mW) and ten times as much power while they spin their platters to access data during active use (1400mW to 2000mW).