Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday September 08, 2014

NVIDIA GPUs Power Deep Learning Winners in World Cup of Image Recognition

The brightest minds in the field of deep learning will converge next week in Zurich at the European Conference on Computer Vision. And they’ll be buzzing about the results from the recent ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge. Known as the World Cup for computer vision and machine learning, the challenge pits teams from academia and industry against one another to tackle fiendishly difficult deep learning-based object recognition tasks. The winners are well known. What’s news: 90% of the ImageNet teams used GPUs. Now it’s time for some of those teams to talk about how they used their not-so-secret weapons.

Teams from Adobe, the National University of Singapore and Oxford University will share how GPU accelerators helped them to break new ground at the contest by improving the object recognition accuracy of their deep learning algorithms. It’s just one example of how GPUs are taking the deep learning world by storm.