Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday September 07, 2014

Here's What Free Upgrades Could Do for Windows 9's Uptake

Computerworld has an interesting article on the distribution of Microsoft’s next operating system, Threshold/Windows 9, in that it should be offered as a free upgrade in lieu of a standalone sales opportunity. Microsoft is eager to erase the bad image of Windows 8 and the looming problem of Windows 7 migration and offing Windows 9 as a free upgrade may just be their ticket to vindication.

And it would be foolish to assume Windows 7 PCs, even those owned by consumers, would upgrade to Windows 9 at the same rate as those running Windows 8/8.1. For one thing, Windows 7 runs on nearly four times as many systems as does the newer OSes. But even a "discounted" percentage that does upgrade within the same time frame would be an enormous number of machines.