Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday August 30, 2014

Flickr Hosting Millions of Historic Images

The Internet Archive organization has been busy since the late 90's digitally preserving not only websites (the Wayback Machine is powered by this org), but also texts, audio, moving images, and software. The book images they've scanned over the years are being uploaded into Flickr as we speak, with over 2.6 million available and tagged for your browsing pleasure. Share some of your favorites via the Comments link, won't cha?

Kalev Leetaru has already uploaded 2.6 million pictures to Flickr, which are searchable thanks to tags that have been automatically added. The photos and drawings are sourced from more than 600 million library book pages scanned in by the Internet Archive organisation. "Most of the images that are in the books are not in any of the art galleries of the world - the original copies have long ago been lost." The pictures range from 1500 to 1922, when copyright restrictions kick in.