Thursday July 17, 2014

Chinese Hackers Take Command Of Tesla Model S

First it was the story about the stolen Tesla that split in half and ended up wedged in a building. Then the company settled its first lemon law case a few days ago. Now we just found out that your Model S can be hacked. Tesla is having a bad week. frown

The hackers were attempting to win $10,000 in prize money at a kick-off event during the SyScan +360 security conference, which is co-sponsored by Qihoo. They were able to gain remote control of the car's door locks, headlights, wipers, sunroof, and horn, Qihoo 360 said on its social networking Sina Weibo account. The security firm declined to reveal details at this point about how the hack was accomplished, although one report indicated that the hackers cracked the six-digit code for the Model S' mobile app.